Other Services
Medical camps

We are conducting free medical camp in various departments to the village areas. The objectives of the Medical camps are Build a relationship with the local community, keep a charity approach towards the poor people and distribute free medicines.

HOSPITAL KIOSK (Online birth and Death Registration)

The Sevana online birth and death Registration units are functioning in this Hospital on 22/10/2012. The Sevana software used to register Birth and Death of our patients admitted in our hospital.

The technology makes birth and death certificates available to informants within 24 hrs of registration. No more waiting in long queues to the local body office to get a Birth and Death Certificate. These will be available online and one needs to just download and take a printout anytime, anywhere. This service would reduce the workload and rush in local body offices. It also reduces the requirement of making corrections.

The Sevana website provides details of all births and deaths electronically registered in Local Governments bodies (Corporation, Municipality or Grama Panchayat). The certificates issued will be recognized as a valid document for all purposes such as admission to school. Since the data is available online, immediate verification is possible.


Hospital affiliated with the IMAGE for the safe disposal of biomedical waste. Every day they come for the collection of segregated waste.

Dharmagiri st. Joseph’s hospital set up a waste water treatment plant and bio gas plant as a part of the pollution control measures of the hospital.

ICTC Jyothis Counseling Centre

Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (JYOTHIS) is a part of State AIDS Control Society. It is a centre where a person is counseled and tested for HIV on his/her free will or as advised by a Medical Practitioner. HIV testing and counseling services are key entry points to prevention of HIV infection and treatment. When availing counseling and testing services, people get awareness and accurate information about HIV prevention and care, and undergo an HIV test in a supportive and confidential environment. Counselling and testing services are important components of prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the country. The majority of clients who access counselling and testing services are pregnant women. Availability of HIV counselling and testing can help patients to diagnose their status for accessing early treatment.

Dharmagiri St. Joseph’s Hospital empanelled with KSACS in 2008. We started the counseling centre under Kerala State AIDS control Society. In this counseling pre – test and post test counseling was done. Trained and experienced MSW staff is available in our Hospital. They give confidential and supportive discussion with the client. The clients are coming from organization initiated, voluntary and referrals.

  • Early detection of HIV.
  • Providing basic information on modes of transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS for promoting behavioral change and reducing vulnerability
  • Link people with other HIV preventive measures, care and services available.
  • Conducting HIV diagnostic tests.

We have provided pastoral care services. Pastoral care department take care the spiritual and Psychological aspect of the patients and their relatives. We have appointed a full time counselor for counseling services. All the working days the pastoral care nun sister goes through the wards and attend the patient’s psycho – social problem and gives necessary support. Our Pastoral care department engaged in many outdoor programmes, especially in school going children.

Health insurances services

We have empanelled with Star Health Insurance Co.Ltd, Apollomunich Health Insurance Co.LTD, Cholamandalam MS General Insuramce Co. Ltd for cashless services. And we also empanelled various insurance companies for reimbursement services.


Health care is conventionally regarded as an important determinant in promoting the general health and well being of people around the world .To keep the body in good health is a duty ,otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear .The promotion of healthy life style and the prevention of disease through lifestyle changes hold great promise for improving the health of people today and in the future .

We at ,St Joseph Hospital ,bring new health scheme packages to enhances the best future health through the utilization of all our health services

  • Basic health checkup
  • Mini health checkup
  • Cardiac health checkup
Sanjo Social And Research Centre (SSRC)

Sanjo Social and Research centre formed as a Trust under MSJ Congregation on 2007. It has a different objective for doing well. “WORKING TOGETHER AND MAKING CHANGE” – that is the motto of the Sanjo Social and Research Centre. IT was registered as trust on 16/09/2007 at Kozhikode.

Objectives of SSRC
  • To do works of charity for the uplift of the poor, the needy, the destitute, the down trodden, socially and economically backward and weaker sections of the community, and strive for their overall growth and sustainable development without discrimination of caste, creed, religion , sex, or political; affiliation.
  • To cater to the needs of physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged sections of the society including Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribe community and device special programmes to address their special needs.
  • To organize and conduct programmes for the empowerment of women and chalk out ways and means for the healthy growth and protection of the girl child and prepare her to phase the juvenile and adolescent problems.
  • To collaborate with government to make interactive communication technology (ICT) accessible to all citizen, and thereby address the issue of digital divide in a manner.